Liberal Extremists Plan to Destroy White Christian Society
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Liberal Extremists Plan to Destroy White Christian Society

Disclaimer: This website must be presented as fiction. What is
described on this website could never occur in America. Anyone stating
otherwise can be publicly discredited, imprisoned, institutionalized,
forcibly medicated, or murdered.


During the late 1960’s a secret element of the United States
government changed from white segregationist to multi-cultural
desegregationist. Public government policies were implemented to
desegregate the military, workplace, and schools. Desegregating white
communities across America would be a virtually impossible task. Using
the military to forcible desegregate white communities would have
sparked a civil war.

The secret government of America developed a secret plan that would
take several decades to implement. The multiculturalists needed to
defeat white Christian America. The plan would involve social
engineering white society in America. The ultimate goal would be to
reduce the white population in America to minority status and then
eventually to that a proportional percentage to the rest of the world.
The white population of America would be forever reduced to minority

The secret liberal extremist plan to defeat white America would
involve using classified surveillance technology to conduct covert
surveillance of white Americans who are in conflict with the secret
government’s domestic agenda.

The secret government would also create hoaxes that would be designed
to distract and create obsessions to white America. UFOs, haunted
house stories, mind control, and other wild conspiracy hoaxes would be
created by agents of the secret government so white America would be
focused on things that don’t exist so agents of the secret government
could work more easily behind the scenes implementing the secret
liberal extremist domestic social agenda.

The white population’s religion would need to be smeared. Classified
sonic harassment technology would be used to trick innocent American
citizens into believing they are experiencing a religious or
supernatural event. This sonic harassment technology projects sound
like a laser, focused beam in one direction. The technology projects
sound through walls and has been used to trick people into believing
their house is haunted.

Liberal multiculturalists controlling Hollywood would create
blockbuster movies based on true stories of haunted houses. The
targeted people who were targeted by the secret government agents
would be completely convinced that they have experienced a
supernatural event when in fact they had classified sonic harassment
technology used against them. The average American after watching
these movies would be convinced haunted houses exist and supernatural
events are occurring across America.

White Americans would be shamed about past discrimination against
minorities. The phrase “You’re a racist” would become a white person’s
greatest fear of being labeled. A white person being labeled a racist
would have a similar effect of being labeled a communist in the 50’s.
Civil rights leaders would quickly appear on TV denouncing white
people who made what is considered a racist remark. A white person
being labeled a racist would be a career ending and life altering

Spying on white America would involve equipping secret government
agents with classified surveillance technology that can electronically
see and hear through walls. The technology is portable and can be
easily moved into and out of a house. The technology uses body heat of
people to see a detailed image of them behind walls. This technology
creates a detailed image of a person through a wall. Enough detail is
displayed on the device’s monitor screen to actually identify a person
through a wall. Even in a room with more than one person in the room,
a targeted person can be identified.

The surveillance technology can also electronically hear through
walls. The technology is so sensitive that it can hear a person
breathing through a wall. Both video and audio surveillance of a
targeted person can be maintained through a wall of a house or

The surveillance technology is moved into a house neighboring a
targeted person’s house. With this technology, agents of the secret
government can maintain 24 hour a day video and audio surveillance of
a targeted person in his home.

The surveillance technology is completely undetectable by the targeted
person. Since the technology is operated from inside a neighboring
house, no visual evidence of the surveillance is possible from outside
the house. No detection equipment is available to detect the
technology and it’s virtually impossible to prevent this technology
from electronically looking through the walls of the average home. The
targeted person can be placed under surveillance in any room of his
house. There is typically no place in the average house to hide from
this technology. All movements and conversations of the targeted
person in his home can be monitored and recorded. The walls of a
typical house mean nothing to this technology because it’s just like
having X-Ray vision. There is no privacy from this technology if
targeted by agents of the secret government.

Agents of the secret government infiltrate white communities and
conduct electronic surveillance of the community to begin the process
of desegregation. Agents who are white buy or rent houses throughout a
targeted white community and move the classified surveillance
technology into the houses.

Any surrounding house to the agent’s house can be placed under
electronic surveillance. The agents will use the surveillance
technology to place white community members under surveillance who are
keeping the community segregated. The agents are looking for the power
structure of the community, the influential community members.
Information about each of these community members will be gathered.
The agents will conduct covert surveillance of the community for
possibly years. A plan will be developed to bring down targeted
community members so the community can be desegregated.

The white agents living in the community will become part of the
community. They will attend church and other community social
functions. The white community will never suspect that agents of the
secret government have infiltrated their community to begin the
desegregation process.

The white agents will attempt to befriend targeted white community
members. These are specially trained agents of the secret government.
From the surveillance, the agents will have inside knowledge of the
targeted person’s interests. The agents will smile and make
conversation and the targeted person will never suspect that his new
friend is an agent who is on a mission to befriend him and then
destroy him. When the time comes these agents will destroy the person
they have befriended without hesitation. This is known as a Human
Torpedo. The agent will lock onto a targeted person, befriend him, and
then destroy him.

After the surveillance period of the white community is complete, the
plan to desegregate the community will begin. Agents of the secret
government who are minorities will be moved into houses in the white
community. These minority agents will not be equipped with classified
surveillance technology but are simply being used to attract the
attention of the white community members who want to keep the
community segregated. The white agents will maintain electronic
surveillance of the community looking for any plot or conspiracy to
intimidate the minorities. From the surveillance, the white agents
will have advanced knowledge of any plot.

If members of the white community are conspiring to damage the
property of the minority owned houses, for example, the agents will
typically have a conventional video camcorder setup to capture the
crime. A video showing a hate crime is worth its weight in gold to
agents of the secret government. The video can be released to the news
media and shown across America. The fallout from this hate crime would
send a message to other white communities that are considering such
actions against minorities.

A typical white community can be desegregated within five years with
this desegregation process. As more and more minorities move into the
community, white community members will leave and the process
accelerates. The white community members who resist can be easily
brought down by the agents.

The secret government’s agents also target real estate companies,
politicians, or anyone else who stands in the way of the secret
government’s domestic social agenda. A politician who is in conflict
with the secret government’s domestic agenda can be placed under
covert surveillance in his home and office. Agents can buy or rent a
house or apartment near the politician and setup the classified
surveillance technology to conduct complete surveillance of the
politician in his home.

The agents also will lease a suite near the politician’s office. The
agents operate small businesses that can be quickly moved into a suite
near the targeted politician’s office. These small businesses are
fronts for surveillance of targeted people. They are used to quickly
place a targeted person under surveillance at his workplace. The small
businesses perform a legitimate function but they double for workplace
surveillance of targeted people. The employees of the small business
are trained agents who specialize in surveillance.

A targeted white politician can be placed under surveillance at his
home and office and be completely unaware he is under surveillance.
Agents will typically follow the targeted politician anywhere else he
may go. The agents are looking for information that can be used
against the politician. Family members, friends, and mistresses can
also be placed under surveillance to seek damaging information. Any
damaging information can be released by anonymous sources to the new

The secret government has created many hoaxes over the last several
decades to distract and create obsessions to white America. The secret
government needed to divert white America’s attention from social
issues to outer space. The secret government created hoaxes over the
last several decades that have lead to today’s most know UFO
conspiracies. Blurry pictures of UFOs and fake information of UFO
crashes planted the seeds for the UFO conspiracies and then Hollywood
brought the conspiracies to life by creating blockbuster movies
featuring aliens from another world visiting Earth.

Movies like Close Encounters of the Third Kind convinced Americans
that we are not alone. Talented movie writers and producers would
create movies that hooked Americans into believing in the existence of
life on other planets. Hollywood would pump-out movies based on secret
government propaganda. Movies and book would be created that basically
convinced Americans that the United States government is concealing
the existence of UFOs.

The conspiracy is not that the government is hiding the existence of
UFOs but rather the government is concealing that it created the
hoaxes that led to today’s most know UFO conspiracies. Convincing
Americans that UFOs from other planets don’t exist may not be possible
because Americans have been so well programmed by Hollywood over the

Another hoax that the secret government created to distract white
America are haunted houses. The secret government invested millions
developing sonic harassment technology that can project sound through
walls of a house without damaging the house.

The classified sonic harassment technology generates what can be
considered a sonic laser that can be ultrasonic (above the human
hearing range), audible (within the human hearing range), or
infrasonic (below the human hearing range). Basically the secret
government developed technology that can pass sound through walls and
direct it to one person in a house.

People attacked by this classified sonic harassment technology will
complain of the following:
1. Hearing voices or noises no one else can hear.
2. Feeling the presence of a spirit.
3. Impact to the body from an invisible force.
4. Burning sensations in parts of the body, mainly the legs.
5. Nightmares at regular intervals at certain times at night.
6. Loud low frequency rumbling noises that appear to come from
7. Loud spooky noises that come from other rooms in house or attic.
8. Sleep depravation caused by above symptoms.

Targeting scopes that can target people through walls were developed.
The same technology that can place a person under electronic
surveillance through the walls of a house has been incorporated into
these through-wall targeting scopes.

A single person in a house can be identified and attacked through the
walls of his house with this technology. The sonic weapons are fired
at a targeted person from a neighboring house. The beam of sound
produced from the sonic weapon will travel through the walls of both
houses and strike the targeted person. There is no where to hide in a
conventional house from this sonic harassment technology. The targeted
person can be attacked in any room of his house. The sonic weapons
cause no physical damage to the houses or the person targeted.

Each year the agents of the secret government seek out potential
candidates to be tricked into believing they are living in a haunted
house. A dozen families may be placed under surveillance each year but
only a few may be attacked with sonic weapons to trick them into
believing their house is haunted.

Agents find potential candidates and secretly move into a neighboring
house to conduct complete surveillance of the selected household. The
agents will learn everything about each family and then make a
decision whether to attack the family and convince them their house is

Typical families of Christian religious beliefs are chosen. The agents
also use physical appearance and current and past mental history of
the family as a factor in determining who is targeted and attacked.
This profiling is done so that after the targeted family is tricked
into believing their house is haunted, they may wish to go public. The
agents know how the average American will stereotype a person who
makes wild claims of living in a haunted house so the agents carefully
choose who is to be targeted and then attacked.

Classified sonic harassment technology can be used to convince a
person that he is possessed by a demon. The secret government has
developed many sonic harassment devices that can create the symptoms
most people associate with possession. A single person can be targeted
in a house and be tricked into believing he is possessed. Inner
voices, strange sounds, and other unexplained sensations can all be
produced by the secret government’s sonic harassment technology. It’s
all just high-tech trickery by the secret government of the United
States. It’s just technology not religious or supernatural.

A Christian family convinced that a family member is possessed by an
evil spirit may seek out a priest to perform an exorcism. The family’s
Christian religious beliefs can be used against them by the secret
government agents. Stories of this possession can be turned into the
next Exorcist movie by Hollywood.

Secret government agents carefully plan a hoax. Research is performed
to discover religious meanings that can be drawn by an unsuspecting
person investigating the extraordinary event. The agents will go all
out in preparing a hoax because a well planned hoax can lead to great
haunted house stories, conspiracies, blockbuster movies, and books.

The agents who create the hoaxes are military type mercenaries who
take pride in what they have accomplished over the decades. They are
guns for hire. The secret government pays them well and supplies them
with classified technology.

Secret government agents also target mothers and trick them into
believing that they are communicating with God. Christians with strong
religious beliefs are often chosen. The same classified technology
that can convince a person into believing his house is haunted can be
used to trick a person into believing that God is speaking to him.

The classified sound projection technology is used to project audible
sound at a targeted mother in her house. The surveillance technology
can hear the mother through the walls of her house. Now from a
neighboring house to the mother’s house, the agents of the secret
government can trick the mother into believing she is having a
conversation with God.

Audible messages can be projected at the mother instructing her that
she should kill her children in order to save their souls. To the
mother who is very religious, this conversation will seem authentic.
The confused mother may act and commit a terrible crime…

The secret government wishes to strengthen laws requiring forced
medication of the mentally ill. By attacking mentally ill people with
this sonic harassment technology and tricking innocent American
citizens into committing violent acts that they would not have
committed if they were never targeted by the secret government, the
secret government withes to gain public support for strengthening laws
pertaining to the mentally ill. The public hears news reports of a
mother who killed her children because God told her to do it and the
public support for stronger laws against the mentally ill increases.

The secret government wishes to use the laws to force their domestic
enemies into the mental health system where they can be forcible
drugged and never heard from again. Today the mentally ill are given
what can be considered the chemical lobotomy.

Once the stronger laws are in place, the secret government agents can
attack people who are a threat to them with sonic weapons and have
them removed from society with the new law. The secret government’s
ultimate goal is have a federal law requiring forced medication and
monitoring of mentally ill people so they can’t simple cross state
lines to avoid law of one state.

The liberal extremists have been very busy over the last several
decades carefully planning and executing their secret domestic agenda.
White Christian American citizens are the target. The desegregationist
secret government of America is now multicultural and wishes to remedy
past decimation towards minorities.

The secret government has smeared Christianity in their on going war
against the white population. Hollywood is controlled by liberals and
they have been using movies and TV shows to socially engineering the
white population in America.

The secret government is targeting white communities and breaking them
up across America. Americans have been manipulated by the secret
government over the decades into believing in UFOs, haunted houses,
and other wild conspiracies. The secret government has smeared their
religion and attempted to change the way Americans view Christianity.
Haunted house movies and possession movies generated by Hollywood that
are based on so called true stories are nothing but secret government
propaganda. Americans who view these movies may have a distorted
perspective of Christianity. Again, this is a war against white
population who are mainly Christian. The objective of the liberal
extremists is to destroy their enemies and it would appear they are

The strategy in this multi-decade long war is to breakup the white
communities, smear Christianity, breakup the family structure, and
shame them for past discrimination against minorities. The liberal
extremists have funded their operations against the white population
by diverting millions of dollars from minority social programs. The
white population of America has no access to the classified technology
and is likely unwilling to accept the possibility that a conspiracy of
such magnitude is occurring. The liberal extremists’ goal is to
destroy white Christian society and make them pay for past
discrimination against minorities.

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Liberal Extremists Plan to Destroy White Christian Society
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